Reflection- the good, the bad

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for a while but I haven’t found the chance to sit down and get all my thoughts onto paper. I think apart of me also, thought that things were going to change drastically and what I was going to write down leading up to now would not reflect […]

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Almost real. Almost 1.

I have been waiting to keep my blogs consistent but something happened. LIFE! Heres an update. I’ve gone back to work- working from home, I’m back at uni, we are still renovating and… I have Mackenzie keeping me on my toes. But allot has happened since I’ve had Mackenzie and I wanted to share with […]

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Post-it notes and nappies

Mackenzie was coming up to 4 months old and I felt like being a Mum was becoming like second nature. It wasn’t easier, but I was adjusting. Sleep was seeming somewhat consistent. Sleeping through the night was still happening for both Mackenzie and I, and wake up time was around 6am. Bottle and then bed […]

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Mother’s Day

As I sit here in my hot warm bath, drinking a glass of red wine, I can’t help but forget I am a mummy. Mackenzie is only four months old so I guess being called “Mum” is a bit foreign to me seeing as it isn’t coming from her at the moment. My first Mother’s […]

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4 months

Four months, 17 weeks, 119 days and 2856 hours we have had our little Mackenzie Mae-Rose finally here, in our life. Everyday, EVERYDAY, we get to we see her, give her a cuddle and a kiss (I kiss her minimum 1000 times a day), we get to smell her, touch her soft skin, feel her […]

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Tomorrow is a new day..

“Tomorrow is a new day”- a phrase I would religiously live by and what got me through the first few weeks of motherhood. The forth day in hospital was my last day in hospital. We spent the day finalising our discharge papers for both Mackenzie and myself. Once we got the all clear we left […]

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Count down 

So as I am approaching the final weeks of my pregnancy, I start to reflect on my many emotions that have hit my like a ton of waves!  I love that every week at work I give the countdown to how many weeks left until Christmas, but secretly it’s my way of counting down until […]

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So 28 weeks has come and is beginning to pass. We are now on the home stretch of pregnancy and I am feeling the most excited I have ever felt. Life just feels like it’s falling into place.   At the start of last week, I was about to sit my final exam for my […]

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How much, is too much? 

The new fad of pregnancies on social media are on the rise. Pics of bumps, prams, clothes fill our feed and it’s hard not too compare. It’s also hard not to judge someone for spending certain amounts on baby products. How can you justify the amount of money you pay? I wouldn’t say I am […]

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